Headlight Restoration & Protection


Headlight and Fog Light Protection Film installed for as little as $99

Why do you need headlight protection?

Today's acrylic headlights are very expensive. Replacement costs are usually a very unpleasant surprise. The average headlamp set costs $450 to replace!

Acrylic headlights do get damaged. Modern acrylic headlights are susceptible to scratches, pits from flying road debris, and fine hair line fractures that can allow moisture to get into the lens causing fogging. UV damage from sunlight can cause yellowing of the lens and make acrylic brittle. Filmwise’s Headlamp Protection kits have UV inhibitors that help to prevent hazing and yellowing of the acrylic lens due to exposure to sunlight.

The very best protection has also been tested at temperatures down to -40C with no damage to the film or adhesive. It is DOT certified and guaranteed not to alter or reduce headlight performance.

Restoration Services

Filmwise restores headlights and foglights that are damaged from wear & tear.

Please contact us to learn more about the benefits of our Headlamp Lens Restoration Services. This is a NEW, innovative system for refinishing weathered and scratched plastic lenses.

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